Cloud Payroll Software That Doesn't Make You Compromise

You don't have to choose between excellent features and the accessibility of the cloud. FreshPay is payroll software built for all payroll professionals

Built for accountants

Built For Bureaus

Built For All Payroll Professionals

Better Automation, Fairer Pricing and Easier Collaboration

Modern cloud-based payroll software that reduces the time required to run payroll through automating processes, eliminating manual steps, increasing collaboration

One Click Director Pay

Saving you time and hassle by introducing One Click Bulk Director Pay

Multiple user profiles 

The freedom to allocate different access levels to different users ensuring the right information is in the right hands 

Integrated workflows

Have peace of mind that everything is under control with our integrated workflows 

Price Per Employer 

Control your cash flow with our price per employer pricing model

Customised reports and better insights

Use customised reports to create better insights for you and your clients 

Simple and Effective Collaboration

Improve your collaborative partnerships with our simple and effective tools

True Cloud Payroll Software

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FreshPay’s vision is to make payroll a simpler, less time-consuming process for employers. FreshPay is an cloud platform dedicated to helping accountants, bookkeepers and bureaus run payroll more efficiently and accurately, while simultaneously cutting costs and automating processes. 

Our team of dedicated payroll professionals are constantly innovating with the goal of making workplace administration simpler and more flexible.

Payroll Understood

Fully cloud-based payroll software focused on open collaboration

Created by three payroll professionals, FreshPay reduces the time required to run payroll through automating processes, eliminating manual steps, increasing collaboration, and dramatically improving the experience for the payroll professionals, accountants, employers and employees.

All while making pricing transparent, fair and straightforward.

Payroll Understood.

3 Steps. A Fresh Way to Success

Choose how many employers

Control your cash flow with a pricing structure based on the number of employers you have, not their employees

Choose if you would like us to migrate for you

As payroll professionals, we know that migrating can be very time-consuming. That is why we made sure to include this service.

Relax knowing that collaboration is now easier than ever

No more downloading data. View data in real-time, wherever you are.

We don't just listen to feedback. We build on feedback

Time Efficient

We help you manage your time better with automated reports and integrated workflows

Easier Collaboration

Access for Bureaus, accountants, employers and employees

Stay On Track

Never miss a deadline with our Set and Go submissions. Once you have completed a job you can set it to submit in the future

Fairer Pricing

Manage your cash flow with our pay-per-employer pricing model. You will never again be penalised for fluctuating employees

A Word From the Founders

"As a payroll bureau owner I was constantly frustrated with cloud based software that didn't have the right features or desktop software that didn't allow for easy collaboration.

So I took all of my frustrations and I created a new software that allows bureaus to offer a much better client experience

Not only is the experience much better but we have also created a fairer pricing model that allows accountants an bureaus to stabalise their own cashflow."

Clare Haynes
"The journey we have been on to bring this software to life is nothing less than incredible.

The dicussions we have had and the ideas we have shared I imagine are unlike any conversations about payroll software. Our strength is that we each come with our own strengths, needs and persepctives.

Being an accountant who outsources payroll it was important to me that I would be able to see my clients data, check the accuracy and be able to resolve any issues fast so to ensure our client experience is second to none."
"FreshPay has been a labour of love. I run an accounting practice and operate Payroll in house. I was frustrated with the payroll software options.

I was frustrated with the lack of intuitive automation, the lack of collaboration and the time we wasted running reports. I felt there must be another way.

When I got together with the other founders we realised that it was time to take matters into our own hands and create the ideal solution to all of our frustrations. "
Jennie Gillam

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