FreshPay Bureau Features For Cloud Payroll

Bulk Director Payroll Processing

Set up a Director payroll – enter monthly pay for a whole year – click to submit automatically – each month will automatically submit on each payday with no user interference required. 

Freshpay gives clear insight into the bureau workload, companies list and their setup progress, staff capacity and deadlines to help manage payroll workflow. – all in one place via a clear visual.

View total number of companies you have within your bureau, how many are still in setup status and which are still be assigned to a staff member to ensure no payrolls can ever be missed.

View staff capacity as a summary to ensure workload is spread evenly amongst your bureau team and easily view the companies assigned to each employee.

See all company payrolls within the bureau, those still in setup, and next filing deadlines for ease of managing workflows, all from one place

Cloud Based

Collaboration within the team – spread workload easily without having to worry about where the software is stored – its all in the cloud!

EE / ER Portal

Easily send and share documents with all relevant parties via the EE / ER portals. Provide user access to payroll to accountants so they can view the data they require easily and without the bureau input/having to produce and provide reports.

Pension automation

Full automation of the Auto Enrolment process, from the assessment, auto issue of pension letter to employees through to submission to pension providers. We have partnered with Pensionsync to allow integration direct with multiple pension providers eliminating the need for manual upload of pension contribution files. Pensionsync directly integrates with the following pension providers:

Clear Audit Trail

FreshPay has a clear and detailed audit trail visible on all editable fields. (show screenshots) Bureaus are able to easily trace changes made to the payroll, where a bureau may have several team members working on payroll processing.