Pricing For Accountants and Bureaus

FreshPay offer 2 plans to suit the payrolls you process – Director Only and Full payroll.

Fratures Director Only Full Payroll
Fully cloud collaboration
Employee portal
Employer portal
Automatic submissions to HMRC / pension on pre-specified date
Automatic generation of employee payslips / P45 etc on pre-specified date
Automatic reporting creation
Salary Calculator (annual to monthly/daily/hourly)
Auto calculation of statutory leave
CIS module
Payrolling of Benefits
Auto Enrolment Pension
National minimum Wage warnings
Absence Calendar

FreshPay for Accountants & Bureaus

You Deserve Transparent Pricing 

As accountancy firms and bureaus control only the number of clients (employers) they offer payroll to, but not the number of employees on those payrolls, we provide a fairer pricing structure charging per employer rather the most common pricing structure of per employee.

This way bureaus can manage and forecast their cashflow on their software costs far easier.

The FreshPay Pricing Philosophy Made Simple  

As Freshpay is a fully cloud payroll solution, users will always have full access to the software features within the pricing plan and pay based on factors within their control – Pricing per employer is a flexible pricing option that does not penalise the bureau as their clients increase or decrease their staff numbers.

You are in full control !

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