How to make payroll profitable: Seven essential steps

How to make payroll profitable: Seven steps to profit


Are you tired of navigating the complexities of payroll, bogged down by inefficiency and prone to errors? We understand the struggle. Introducing our comprehensive eBook, “How to Make Payroll Profitable: Seven steps to profit,” designed to revolutionise your approach to payroll management.

In the dynamic world of finance, payroll has often been a headache, burdened by confusing processes, limited tools, and an over-reliance on manual efforts. At FreshPay, we’ve created a transformative eBook, offering insights to make your payroll not just manageable but highly profitable.

Seven steps to profitable payroll
  1. Automate processes: Reclaim lost time from repetitive tasks. FreshPay estimates saving 30-40 hours on processing payroll for 100 employers.
  2. Set up correctly: Invest upfront time for long-term efficiency. Train clients, limit queries, and ensure critical information is in place.
  3. Choose the right staff: Divide tasks efficiently, reducing the need for multiple skilled employees. Mitigate risks associated with manual calculations.
  4. Aim for long-term clients: Nurture client relationships for long-term profitability. Educate, set boundaries, and let unresponsive clients go.
  5. Work collaboratively: Utilise FreshPay for efficient workflows. Collaborate seamlessly, reducing client queries and waiting times.
  6. Evaluate your costs: Beyond software price, assess your time, staff utilisation, and fluctuating expenses. Identify areas for improvement.
  7. Charge the right amount: Base your pricing on the value provided, not just time spent. FreshPay charges per employer for fairness and simplicity.


Bonus Insight

Did you know FreshPay offers a migration service to ensure you set up correctly from the start?

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