Adding CIS & Sub-contractors

Go to the company details >> employer info 

Adding CIS

Change details >> tick yes to CIS >> tick contractor flow and/or subcontractor flow >> enter UTR number >> select month ending for the first CIS >> save 

CIS Dialog

If you wish to disable the CIS, go back into employer info >> select no under CIS >> save

CIS suffered to date

You can add CIS suffered to date by going to the payrun summary screen >> click add CIS >> ADD the amounts to the relative months >> save 

CIS Suffered

To add subcontractors >> click on the little man on the left hand side 

Subcontractors Section

Add all sub-contractor details >> you must add the UTR number and VAT number if they are registered >> save >> you will then have the option to register them on line or select if they are already registered >> and select the deduction rate

Edit Subcontractor

You can edit these details by selecting the 3 dots on the left-hand side of the screen

edit subcontractor details

The CIS subcontractor payrun will then appear on the payrun summary screen

Subcontractor PayRun