FreshPay announces integration with Penfold – Get set up in minutes!

FreshPay announces new integration with Penfold – Get set up in minutes!

We’re thrilled to announce a new integration with Penfold, a cutting-edge pension that’s not just straightforward but also engaging to use, with first-class service when you need it. This integration will streamline pension contributions for thousands of businesses, making it easier than ever to manage employees’ workplace pensions.


Find out all about Penfold and FreshPay, and the added benefits of the integration – then follow our simple steps to get your integration set up in minutes.


Penfold is the modern workplace pension accountants love

Penfold is on a mission to help everyone save enough to be comfortable in later life by addressing the two root causes of the pension crisis: lack of understanding and aversion to dealing with pensions. Penfold is transforming the pensions industry with an engaging, accessible, and straightforward approach, helping more people save for their future.


By starting from scratch with purpose built platforms for individuals and businesses, Penfold offers clarity, confidence, and a seamless experience to empower savers to secure their financial future.


Penfold for payroll


With Penfold, payroll bureaus get first-class service from a named account manager, support closing old schemes and switching from old pension providers, as well as access to our time-saving processing platform.


FreshPay is the fresh approach to payroll 

FreshPay is a cloud-based platform dedicated to making payroll simpler and more efficient through automation and collaboration. 


The payroll software has seamless integrations with other essential tools like QuickBooks, Xero and Telleroo, and boasts impressive, time-saving features, such as:

  • Automated payroll processing
  • Employer and employee portals
  • Built-in bureau dashboards


Similar to FreshPay, Penfold’s mission is to empower accountants, bookkeepers, and bureaus with the tools they need to run their businesses better and scale easily. 

Penfold + FreshPay = Streamlined Process, enhanced accuracy and improved Compliance. 

With this integration, accountants and employers can effortlessly enrol employees into a Penfold workplace pension and process their contributions with just a few clicks. 


Key benefits include:


  • Streamlined Process: Automating the process of submitting pension data reduces administrative burden and frees up valuable time.
  • Enhanced Accuracy: Minimising manual data entry significantly reduces the likelihood of errors.
  • Improved Compliance: Handling pension contributions correctly and on time ensures compliance with regulatory requirements.


By mirroring the simplicity and efficiency that Penfold users are accustomed to, we’re ensuring that managing workplace pensions is as seamless as possible. 


What’s more, we’re the only provider that’s directly integrated with FreshPay, with no dependency on third-party integration tools – meaning a smoother experience you can rely on.  


Ready to get started?


Set up your Integration in Minutes

It’s easy to connect Penfold to FreshPay. Just follow these simple steps: 


  1. Open FreshPay and navigate to the Pension tab. Select add new provider
  2. This will open a pop-up window, where you should:
  • Choose Penfold from the Select pension provider drop-down menu
  • Tick Set as an auto-enrolment pension scheme
  • Enter a Scheme name
  • Tick Automatically send to Penfold
  • Enter a Group Name
  • Enter percentages in the Employee contribution and Company contribution fields
  • Select a Contribution basis from the drop down menu
  • Select a Relief type from the drop down menu

3. Click Submit – and you’re all done with the Penfold setup! Now, you’re ready to enrol employees into the pension.

Enroll employees – then you’re done!

1. In FreshPay, click on an employee and open their Pension tab

2. If they’re an existing employee, click Add Change to Pension in the bottom right-hand corner


3. If they’re a new employee, click Setup pensions

4. Whether enrolling a new or existing employee, this will open a pop-up window, where you should:

  • Choose Enrolled or Joined
  • Select Penfold from the dropdown list of providers
  • Choose the group you created earlier
  • Save! Now your contributions are ready to be processed

Now, when you log into the Penfold platform, you’ll be able to upload employee contributions directly from FreshPay.

Get Started Today

Already a FreshPay customer and ready to take advantage of this new integration?

Simply follow the steps we’ve outlined above to experience the ease and efficiency of automated pension management.

New to FreshPay and looking for a modern workplace pension which has no fees for accountants and employers, offers support closing old pension schemes and gives everyone a dedicated Account Manager?