Why You Should Make The Switch To Cloud Payroll Software

Chances are almost every other software you use in your accountancy practice is cloud-based.  If you’ve been thinking about making the switch to cloud payroll software, this article gives you 10 reasons why you should make the switch!

  1. Cloud payroll software increases collaboration opportunities

Cloud-based payroll software has changed the way accountants work, forever.  With tools such as Xero, Dext, HubDoc and more, client communication and the demand for up-to-date information have never been greater. 

Cloud software offers a host of benefits that can drastically improve communication and is able to provide updates to the client in real-time, rather than the client having to wait for information to be prepared and sent.  This reduces the amount of pressure on the payroll provider allowing them to focus on more challenging tasks.  Cloud software also has the ability to scale fast and can flex to suit your needs at the click of a button (ok, maybe a button or two)  

  1. It is easy to scale and incredible value

Cloud software is often much better value than traditional on-premises software options. It may be more expensive but comparing desktop and cloud is like comparing the cost of Apples and Chairs.  The value is not just based on the cost of the software.  Once you evaluate the time and resources required to keep desktop software up to date you can really get a sense of what good cloud software can be.  For example, if you have 100 employers on monthly pay, you could save 20-40 man-hours a month with the various automation and features in cloud software (yes, we mean FreshPay) 

  1. Desktop software is time-consuming 

Whether you are an accountant running payroll in house or payroll bureau, dealing with payroll can be a time-consuming, manual and tedious task. When queries come up they add another level of complexity to your service and often distract you as you resolve known issues time and time again.   

  1. Two words.  Disaster Recovery 

With desktop software, you also need to consider how you back up the information and most importantly, how to do it securely.  Cloud services are easy to update with the latest compliance and offer an extra level of protection if ever the PC dies or you need to operate in disaster recovery mode.  This was never more evident than at the start of the pandemic and the lockdowns that caused disruption across every industry. 

  1. Reduce staffing issues 

With desktop software, you need a skilled employee on-site at all times if you are to offer the smooth, top-level service you have promised your clients.  Making a client wait another day or more for information can cause a lot of avoidable friction. 

With automated cloud software, you are able to run payroll with less experienced staff and can access information easily or direct your client to where they can find the answer to their question.  

  1. Automation reduces time spent on tasks

Payroll is notoriously manual and time-consuming.  It takes up a lot of time and resources, and until now you had to choose between feature-rich software and software that allows collaboration.  

Cloud payroll software has the ability to plug into other software, send automatic updates and reminders after a simple set-up.  

  1. Cloud software reduces the risk of errors 

Cloud-based payroll software can help you save time and money with automatic calculations and accurate data.  Rather than doing the sums and inputting the data manually, the calculations are completed within the software.  This means that you will always be up to date with government regulations and there is less risk when it comes to the accuracy of data entry.  Make sure that the payroll software you choose allows you to override this if necessary.

  1. Helps towards your paperless office goals 

Cloud software is an easy, secure, and smart way to manage payroll.  You can input data about your employees’ hours, taxes, deductions, and accrual dates through your Internet browser. Once everything is entered you can send the information to the correct recipient.  No waiting, printing, or downloading of data.   

  1. Did we say that it reduces paper and manual jobs? 

If you’re still using paper files or spreadsheets for your payroll, it’s time to make the switch. Cloud payroll software is simpler and easier than ever before. You can transfer data from one program to another without worrying about losing anything. Plus you can always access your payroll records from anywhere and on any device. Don’t put off the switch any longer!

  1. It is easy to get started 

Even if you have hundreds of clients moving to the cloud is a really simple process. You will need to download the data from your current software as a CSV, change the field tags to match and upload.   Of course, there is still a manual process of checking the information.  This is why we decided to offer a service where we support your migration, we 

Ok, so we are finding it difficult to stop 

  1. Compliance and data security. 

With reports and employee payslips going directly from the software to the recipient, it ensures your data is secure and you are GDPR compliant.  

Ok, that’s it.  We have to stop here.   But you can see that moving to the cloud is often the best move you could make.  

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