FreshPay launches innovative Payroll Software Survey empowering accountants and bureaus to optimise software selection

FreshPay launches innovative Payroll Software Survey empowering accountants and bureaus to optimise software selection


Leading cloud-based payroll software provider FreshPay, announces the launch of the “How Efficient is your Payroll Software” survey. Geared towards accountants and payroll bureaus, this survey aims to explore the unique needs and preferences in payroll software, shaping the future of innovative solutions.

In response to the ever-evolving landscape of payroll management, FreshPay has developed a user-friendly survey that goes beyond generic questions. The survey employs a sophisticated scoring system to assess participants’ unique payroll software requirements. This groundbreaking approach aims to provide businesses with a score on how efficient their current payroll software is and tailored recommendations based on their specific needs.

Key highlights of the payroll software survey:

  • Personalised scoring: Participants will receive a customised score reflecting their unique payroll software needs. The scoring system is designed to offer a precise and insightful evaluation.
  • Focus areas: The survey explores crucial elements such as automation capabilities, time-saving features, customer support effectiveness, and integration possibilities. By addressing these key areas, businesses can make informed decisions that align with their payroll objectives.
  • Tailored recommendations: Based on the survey responses, FreshPay will provide participants with personalised recommendations to optimise their payroll processes. These recommendations aim to empower businesses to choose the right software solution for their specific requirements.
  • Enhanced decision-making: The Payroll software survey aims to simplify the decision-making process for businesses, ensuring they choose a payroll software solution that not only meets but exceeds their expectations.


“As a company committed to providing cutting-edge payroll solutions, we understand the challenges businesses face when selecting the right software for their unique needs,” said Nicola Hageman, Founder and Director at FreshPay“Our Payroll Software Survey with a personalised scoring system is designed to guide businesses towards informed decisions, ultimately saving time and enhancing overall efficiency.”

To participate in the Payroll Software Survey and receive a personalised score, click here

FreshPay is at the forefront of cloud-based payroll software, committed to simplifying and automating payroll processes for bookkeeping, accounting firms, and payroll bureaus. With a focus on exceptional customer service and seamless integration, FreshPay strives to redefine the payroll experience for professionals.

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