Adding a Subcontractor 

Table of Contents

To add a subcontractor #

Edit company >> employer info >>change details >> select yes to CIS >> tick contractor flow & subcontractor flow >> enter the UTR number >> select the month ending for the first CIS return >> save

Adding Subcontractor

You will then need to add your subcontractors >> select the subcontractor icon, as shown in green below

Subcontractors List Screen
Adding Subcontractor Dialog Box

A CIS subcontractor payrun will then appear on your payrun dashboard

Adding Invoices Section

To add invoices, click on the month required >> view details >> add invoice >> enter all details >> including your amounts for labour, expenses and materials >> save

Once you are happy with the summary select submit CIS return >> a box will appear with any warnings etc., if you are happy select confirm and proceed

Shows CIS Payrun Summary

If the submission fails for any reason a red warning box will appear in the summary

Shows CIS Submission Failing

To view the reason as to why it has failed >> go to the paper clip >> HMRC reports >> select CIS >> view details >> the reason will be on the report (as shown below)

Failed Submission Reason