Creating a New Company: User Guide

Table of Contents

Once you have logged in you will can add your bureau HMRC ID by clicking on the Edit online filing ID button on your dashboard

You will then need to go to: 

Bureau 1 ≥≥ companies >> add new company ≥≥ 

Shows Companies List
(All categories with a * are mandatory, anything else can be added at a later date).

Enter Company name >> number >> select full payroll or Director only >> if the company has CIS tick yestick contractor flow and/or subcontractor flow, enter the UTR number, month ending for the first return >>  you can then select an employee you would like to assign the company to >> trading name >> company type address >> HMRC number (this must be correct or you will not be able to save) >> account office reference (this must be correct or you will be unable to save).

This will then automatically take you to the structure, you can add as many departments as you wish by clicking the add new department

Displays Structure Block

Enter all details >> you can add the employees holiday allowance and any holidays they take will automatically deduct from their allowance >> next 

“Handy hint – you can click back at any point if you wish to change details”

This will take you to the screen below:

shows the TMD dialog
If the initial company set up has a green line (as shown above) that means you are ready to move on to the next stage 

You will need to complete the pension setup next >> complete details >> if you wish to you can postpone by selecting the amount of months required in the drop-box 

Shows Pensions Dialog

You can also have your pension letters going out automatically by ticking the box as shown below:

Shows Pension Dialog

Once complete click next and you will need to add your pension provider, you can select this from the drop down-box >>  tick the box to auto enrol >> scheme name >> you can connect automatically by ticking the box and entering the company ID or you can add as many pension providers as you like by clicking the add new provider

Shows Pension provider options

If completed correctly you will now see a green line on your pension setup, as shown below:

Shows Company setup progress line

Payroll Setup #

Select pay frequency and the following page will appear – this must be completed to enable you to continue  

Shows Payroll Setup Box

Select the day the team is paid on from the drop-down box:

Shows payrol period drop down box
Select when the team are notified >> click next and a summary for the whole years pay period will appear >> approve

The screen below should then appear and you are ready to add your employees

Add Employee Screen

You can also add users to assign to by clicking the user tab.