Adding and Deleting Paternity Leave 

Table of Contents

To add SPP: #

Click on the employee >> click on the calendar >> on the required date click the plus or the add leave box  >> select add paternity leave

Add Leave Button

You can let the system calculate the AWE from the data base or enter it manually >> expected date of birth >> actual date of birth >> leave time >> paternity start date >> save 

*warnings will appear if they are not entitled and you will not be able to save*

Add Paternity Dialog

If everything is correct the leave will then appear on the calendar:

Leave on Calendar

To remove the leave either left click on the word paternity in the calendar or click on the red Remove button on the right hand side >> remove:

Removing Leave

When the dates are reached and the payruns are finalised it will also be listed on the pay summary page and the payslip