Adding Additional Rates

Go to salary >> add/edit change pay rates >> add name/rate  per hour>> save (you can add as many rates as you require for each employee)

Displays additional rate dialog

Once you have completed the above the rate will appear on the summary >> click the drop down next to the relevant employee>> add addition (under basic pay) >> tick the rate you require and enter the number of hours >> submit

Displays rate appearing on the summary

You can also add an addition by going to the additions >> Add new >> enter the name >> tick if taxable, nicable, pensionable >> rate amount (you can enter this amount as a net or gross figure) >> if you wish this to reoccur over an amount of time, tick make recurring and enter the date you wish it to end >> submit 

Shows Creating An Addition

This will then show on the employees pay summary under additions until the end date 

* You can delete or edit any of these rates by clicking the pencil or the bin *

The same applies to deductions but you will need to tick the deductions box in additions