Documents and reports

All Documents   #

For all documents go to the paperclip >>you can either select all or select a specific report

Pension letters #

Select the heading pension letters >> you will see all the pension letters that have been produced for each pay run >> if you click on the letter, you can download it >> if you wish to mark it as send, select the 3 dots on the right-hand side >> mark as sent

Shows How to download a pension letter

HMRC Reports #

Select HMRC reports from the tabs >> you can then select which reports you require >> you will then see if they have submitted successfully, if not Failed will show next to the submission >> to find out why the submission has failed, click view >> the reason for failure will appear >> in the example below you will see the user credentials were incorrect, which means the HMRC ID’s are not recognised

Shows Failed HMRC report message
You will need to go back to the payrun dashboard >> re-open the payrun affected and rectify the error before re-finalising and re submitting

Payslips #

Payslips will automatically be sent to the portals when the pay date has been reached or the date you have requested in the payroll set up

Shows payroll setup

If you wish to download the payslips click on the name required and it will automatically download or select the drop down arrow show all payslips for that period

CIS  #

Under CIS you can see the CIS300 monthly contractors returns and download them on the right hand side you can also select deductions statements and download the construction payment and deduction statement

Shows CIS Tab

Reports #

If you select reports you will be able to download your tax summaries by clicking on the one you require 

Shows tax summary

If you wish to add your sub contractors to this report, go to the payrun summary screen >> select the month you require >> tick the add subcontractors box and this will be added to the report

Shows how to add sub contractors to the report

Pension reports #

If you require a pension report >> select the tab >> click on the report you require and a CSV report will download >> once downloaded you can custom to suit your requirements

Uploaded/Imported #

If you select this tab, you will be able to upload and company, employer or employee documents you require >> if you wish to view or delete the document, click on required one and it will download.

P45’S #

P45’s will be sent to the portals automatically when the pay date has been reached >> if you need to download one manually >> select all documents >> the P45 will be sown here >> click on the P45 and it will automatically download 

P32’s #

Go to the payrun summary screen >> select P32 >> and the current tax year will appear 

p32 screen displayed