Employee Portal 

To invite an employee, you will need to ensure the employee has an email address in their personal details.

Click on the employee, next to their name there is a invitation link

Employee Portal Invitation Link

Once you click the link an invite will be sent to the employee and they will see the following

employee invitation

They will then need to create a password and login, once complete this is what they will see:

They will not be able to edit anything but they can download their payslips by clicking on the download arrow on the right hand side or by clicking on the paperclip, they will only see the latest payslip for each month/week, so if you reopen and re-finalise they will only have the latest one.

download payslips

They can also download their pension letters here.

If you change the employees email at any point it will automatically allow you to resend an invite in the same way, you can also see that you have sent the invite in their personal details

personal details