Adding an Employee

Select the company from you companies list >> click on the employee icon on the left hand side >> add new employee >> enter all personal details (everything with a * is mandatory and will need to be added before saving) 

The below screen will then appear:

Add Employee

Any header that is orange needs to be completed

Next bank details >> click on the header >> add bank details, if you are still waiting for them you can select no account and add it at a later date >> save

Employment details >> setup >> enter their payroll number, the start date will auto populate >> select their department and employment status from the drop-down >> save

Tax and loans >> add tax code, loans >> enter and select all details (the tax code must be correct or it will not let you save) >> save

Work pattern >> add work pattern >> you can either select a predefined work pattern from the drop down box or tick the create a custom work pattern box and enter hours and days required >> save

Salary >> add salary >> you can either select standard pay which will allow you to add the annual, monthly, weekly, daily or hourly rate and all the other boxes will auto populate or select hourly pay and enter the details that way >> if you select the standard pay you will need to select the day rate calculation method from the drop-down box >> save

Pension >> setup pension >> enter/select the relevant details, you can postpone by selecting from the drop down-box and custom if required >> save 

Once you have completed all the above you will see all the headers are now grey and the status is ready to add to a payroll, please see the example below:

Add To Payroll

You can go back in to each header if you need to change or add anything at any point by selecting it and editing