How to Assign Someone to a Bureau

Click users on the top left of the screen >> add new user >> enter name, email address and phone number is optional >> tick the boxes that relate to the amount of access you wish them to have >> save

To edit the details or unassign click the apply action box >> select the action you wish to take

To delete the user select remove

Shows How to edit/remove a use

To assign them to a company, go to the company >> edit company details >> employer info >> change details >> scroll down to assign company to >> select name from the drop down or type the name >> save

Assigning A user to a company

You will need to add the HMRC ID’s and any boxes with a * to be able to save

Shows How to add HMRC ID's

You will then need to add all the company setup details >> add the company holiday allowance >> next

Shows how to add the company holiday allowance

You will then be taken to the payroll set up >> enter pay frequency >> start date >> date/day team are paid on, notified on and all other details >> next

Shows How to enter pay frequency

If you are happy with the payrun calendar for the current tax year, approve

You will then be taken to the payrun summary screen, if you wish to have the director payrun set automatically, you will need to manually run the first payrun >> once submitted successfully, tick the process automatically box

Shows the payrun summary screen